AUGUST 15-25, 2018

Join Natures Tapestry Photo Adventure Tours on a photographic tour to Ecuador where you will encounter a diversity of birds among the highest in the world. The number of different bird species is mind boggling, especially Hummingbirds.

Ecuador means “equator” and it runs through this country attracting birds from both the northern and southern hemispheres. Some people refer to the climate in Ecuador as eternal spring, as there is little variation in the annual daily temperature, making the climate very comfortable. The Andes mountain range provides a variety of elevations for photo opportunities including beautiful valleys and majestic active volcanoes.

The core of the tour is to visit the area between the Andes and the Pacific coasts of Northwestern Ecuador called the Choco region. It runs from sea level up through the misty valleys to the snowline of the tall mountains. It has some of the most humid forests anywhere and is the most diverse endemic bird area in the world. More than 700 species of birds can be found here in Ecuador’s Choco region.

The first two days of the tour will provide an opportunity for touring Quito, the historic capital of Ecuador and getting adjusted to the altitude. Here you will visit a section of the capital called the old city with its historic colonial buildings full of archeological treasures. There are many things to see, do and photograph in this beautiful city, high up in the Andes.

After our time in the capital of Ecuador we will spend the next five nights at a wonderful lodge about three hours from Quito in the region where we will have the privilege to spend an intense four days photographing a wide range of bird species with concentration on Hummingbirds. Many different habitats will be visited giving us opportunities to shoot a wide range of incredible birds at different elevations.

Following the exciting experience in the Choco region we will move on to visit three amazing cities called Otavalo, Cotachatchi and Ibarra. It will take about three and a half hours to drive to this part of the country situated in the North Central part of Ecuador towards the Columbian border. On the drive up to the area we will pass some spectacular mountain scenery with active volcanoes. Each of the towns will provide unique opportunities to experience photo opportunities and to interact with the people and attractions that exist there.


Cost of the NATURES TAPESTRY PHOTOADVENTURE HUMMINGBIRD TOUR to Ecuador August 15 – August 25 is US$3,700per person sharing (double room occupancy). We are limiting the number ofguests on this tour to 4 people in additionto Judy and Gary Malloch, the tour leaders.

The payment schedule is as follows:
Initial deposit of US$1,850 will be paidupon commitment to the tour. Finalpayment of US$1,850 will be due on orbefore July 1, 2018.

Cost of t he Ecuador Tour includes the following:

  • Hotel or Lodgeaccommodation for ninenights.
  • In country transportation(Van or taxi)
  • All meals with exception of lunchand dinner in Quito on August 16and 17.
  • All park or special event fees.
  • Translation service if needed.
  • Photography instruction or guidancewhen requested.

The tour cost does NOT include the following items:

  • International airfare from the USAand return.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Passport, Visa or airport exit fees.
  • Personal expenses such as laundryservice, phone calls, email or Internetaccess charges.
  • Service gratuities.
  • Trip cancellation, emergencyevacuation and medical insurance.

Natures Tapestry Photo Adventure Tours alwaysrecommends for each of our tours that guestspurchase trip cancellation, emergency evacuationand medical insurance to cover any eventualitiesthat may happen on your trip. There are many reputableinsurance companies who sell this type of coverageand you are able to purchase one policy that coversthe three main items mentioned above. The cost isquite reasonable and you can price compare andselect coverage amounts online.

Please remember that you do not need to be aprofessional photographer to enjoy this tour. Videoor point and shoot cameras and even those whowant to use their smart phones are welcome.
As we are restricting this trip to only four guests,please remember that we expect it will fill uprapidly. If you are interested in this incredibleHummingbird Tour we urge you to commit as soonas possible in order to secure your space.

Gary and Judy Lynn Malloch
Phone: 561 756-0341
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Early evening flight from Fort Lauderdale to Quito, Ecuador. This is approximately a four and a half hour flight. After clearing immigration and customs we will be transported to our Quito hotel and check in. Quito is a large, modern, active and bustling city.

After breakfast we will take a tour of the city and visit the Old Section of Quito. Here you will find beautiful old colonial buildings to photograph. Great possibilities exist to do street photography and get some amazing shots of indigenous people from the Quito area.

One additional day to take advantage of visiting more attractions in the city. You will be able to visit the markets and do the kinds of things you want to, as there is no defined agenda for the day.

Our guide will pick us up at our Quito hotel very early in the morning. Once out of the city, our tour will begin through the Yanacocha Reserve (11,200 feet) to see the following species of unique birds: Black Breasted Puffleg, Sword-billed, Buff-winged Starfronlet, Great Sapphirewing and GorgetedSunangel Hummingbirds. Scarlet Bellied and Hooded Mountain Tanager and Bar-bellied Woodpecker are additional species you will see. As we descend down through Tandayapa/ Santa Rosa area (7,500 feet), we will have other chances to spot the Plate-billed Mountain Toucan, Toucan Barbet, Blue Winged Mountain Tanager, Grass Green Tanager and the Turquoise Jay. In addition we will encounter lower level hummingbird species as well. Continuing down the mountain, we will join the eco route to our Lodge in the late afternoon. Accommodation and meals are excellent at this lodge. Our Ecuadorian guide and his American wife speak fluent English and are very hospitable. You will enjoy this lodge and be able to relax after
downloading the unbelievable photos you got of hummingbirds this day. It will be a wonderful and exciting first day.

Photo opportunities exist at the lodge each day but early morning from dawn to breakfast you are able to get some great shots. The Lodge has feeders as well as very nice gardens that attract birds. After breakfast we will depart and head for Mirador de San Tadeo (4,800 feet). Once we have arrived we will spend a couple of hours filming Black-Chinned Mountain Tanagers, Toucan Barberts as well as the Violet Tailed Sylph and Booted Rackettail Hummingbirds. Around mid-day we will leave and head for Milpe Reserve (3,600 feet) where we have chances to photo the amazing Club-Winged Manakin. Also the beautiful RufosMotmot and Green Crowned Woodnymph can be found here. At the feeders Green Thorntail, Green Crowned Brilliant and White Whiskered Hermit Hummingbirds inhabit the area. We will return to the Lodge in the late afternoon to relax and download cards. Afternoon shooting at the Lodge is often very good prior to dinner.

We will depart very early in the morning for Paz de Las Aves Reserve (5,600 feet). This will be a very special exciting day for shooting, as many different species of birds will be encountered here. The incredible Andean Cock of the Rock observation blind is a walk down the forest path to a blind where this unique looking bird is found. Many different types of hummingbirds will also be present on this adventure. Velvet Purple Coronet, Violet Tailed Sylph, Buff Tiled Coronet and many other hummingbird species will be seen at this location. Mid day we will continue on to ReservaAlambi (4300 feet), which happens to be one of the best places to photograph hummingbirds in the area. Tawny-Bellied Hermit, White Whiskered Hermit and Western Emerald Hummingbirds can be observed at this location. We will have lunch at the Alambi Reserve. In the mid afternoon we will return to the lodge for rest and relaxation. Again, afternoon shooting at the lodge is available if you so desire.

After breakfast we will depart for Tamdayapa, the Santa Rosa Eco Route with stops at exclusive hummingbird observation areas. Here we will be able to take photos of the Empress Brilliant and Velvet Purple Coronet along this drive. Back at the lodge for lunch and then in the afternoon we will be off to El Descansoto to catch the Rufous Tailed hummingbird and the Purple Throated Woodstar plus various species of tanagers. There will be additional time to shoot birds when we return to the lodge in the afternoon prior to our closing dinner.

We will say our farewell to our hosts at the lodge after breakfast and pack up our gear for the trip to the North Central cities of Otavalo, Coatacatchi and Ibarra. The trip to Otavalo will take approximately three and a half hours. Here we will stay for two nights in a quaint local hotel and it will be our base for visiting the sights in these three exciting cities. Otavalo rests in a beautiful valley at an altitude of 8,300 feet and is surrounded by majestic volcanoes. The population is largely made up of the Otavalo indigenous group, famous for weaving textiles usually made of wool and sold at the famous market located close to our hotel in the Plaza de los Ponchos. We will visit the market and spend the afternoon exploring this incredibly large event where you will see many beautiful things to buy and bring home. Dinner will be at the Hotel and then a night of exploring or just relaxing.

Breakfast at the Hotel and then off to the Parque Condor, a raptor rescue and educational center. This is an incredible experience to witness a flight display of different raptors that have been trained to fly out from the center into the valley and return again when called. Flight shots are the goal of this attraction. Touring the center you will encounter many species of raptors and have the chance to see the enormous Andean Condor. Hard to imagine this huge bird can muster strength to get off the ground and fly.

After our time at the Parque Condor we will jump in a cab and be off to a city close by called Coatacatchi. This is an artisan city famous for its leather goods and handicrafts. We will have lunch here and then tour the town. There are over 50 retail establishments on the main street selling beautiful leather shoes, clothing and artifacts. In addition, a stop at the town square is a must. Back to the hotel in Otavalo mid afternoon and time for a siesta before dinner or back to the market for more photo opportunities or shopping.

This will be our last day in Ecuador andwe will want to make it memorable. After breakfastwe will visit the third city in Northern Ecuador called
San Miguel de Ibarra or just Ibarra as all the localscall it. Here there is a part of the city called SanAntonio de Ibarra that is famous for it?s artisans andthe famous woodcarving they produce. The bestway to explore this unique place is to walk aroundthe main square where you will encounter aboutfifteen wood carving galleries and workshops.Beautiful pieces of art can be found in this ?woodcarving capital of Ecuador?. It truly is amazing towitness how this village has managed to preservesuch a tradition for hundreds of years.We will have lunch in the area and in the earlyafternoon make our way back to Otavalo to preparefor the journey back home. Since we have a lateovernight flight back to the US we will have dinnerin Otavalo and then transported to the InternationalAirport in Quito to complete our flight arrangementsback home ending a memorable experience of ourtrip to Ecuador.