Discover the mysteries of the largest wetlands in the world on this adventure to see truly spectacular wildlife. The initial part of the tour will take us to the Southern Pantanal where we will have the opportunity to see the large and beautiful Hyacinth Macaws, Giant Anteaters, incredibly large storks called Jabiru, wild boars called Peccary, Capibara the largest rodents in the world plus all kinds of other birds and animals that are present in the ranches of the area.

We will stay in two lodges during this part of the tour. The second part of the tour we will fly up to the Northern Pantanal where we will begin the exciting adventure to search for the Jaguar that frequents the rivers and streams of the area. We will stay in three lodges in the Northern Pantanal where we will venture out each day, generally by boat, to search for the wildlife that is found in this part of Brazil.

Besides the Jaguar we will have opportunities to see the Giant River Otters, the Brazilian Tapir, monkeys, wading birds in the rivers, raptors of various species and many other forms of wildlife. The species of wildlife that exist in the Pantanal is abundant and you will be amazed at how many pictures you will take. A trip of a lifetime!

REMINDER: Please remember that you do not need to be a professional photographer to come along on this exciting photo safari. Video cameras and point and shoot or even your iPhone camera are fine to use on this trip.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have regarding the tour.

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