Natures Tapestry Photo Adventure Tours will be returning to the Pantanal in Brazil for our annual fall tour,September 21 – October 4, 2018. This tour has been both designed and will be led by Judy Lynn and GaryMalloch. Judy Lynn and Gary are wildlife photographers who specialize in putting together tours for adventuresome people who want to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture images of rare and uniquely different bird,animal, and reptile species. We will be visiting both the SouthernPantanal and the Northern Pantanal as each region offers diverse wildlifeopportunities to see and photograph. Wealso have a Brazilian trilingual Pantanalspecialist who will guide us daily duringour trip. He is very well respected in theguiding community and his knowledge ofwildlife and fauna is impressive. As abonus, our guide is an avid photographerwhich is helpful when we are out on ourdaily tours.

The sprawling Pantanal region of Brazil isthe largest wetland system in the world located in the central westernpart of the country. It borders Bolivia and Paraguay. The opportunities tocapture wildlife images in this concentrated area are not often found inother places onthis planet. TheSouthern Pantanalis mostly vast ranch lands in thestate of MatoGrosso Do Sulwhile theNorthern Pantanalis primarilywetlands withmajor riverscontaining denseforested areaslocated in the state of MatoGrosso.

Here nature is still pristine and untouched inmany places and abundant with wildlife.Because Brazil is located in the SouthernHemisphere, springtime occurs in the Sept-Octtime period exactly when our tour is scheduled. This is the dry season. Overall the Pantanallandmass sprawls over 75 thousand miles offloodplains. In the rainy season, most of theregion is submerged under water, nurturing anastonishing biologically diverse collection ofaquatic plants that helps to support a densearray of wildlife species.

The tour will encompass short walks, minibus travel; safari drives during the day and earlyevening plus many riverboat trips. Photoopportunities exist with planned outings at eachlodge. In addition, when travelling between thelodges we will see many birds and animals. Often we will stop to capture some images. All ofthe lodges have been selected for their location and the greatest accessibility to maximize photoopportunities. They are very comfortable withgood food and especially important, airconditioned rooms!

To maximize your experience we have designedthe tour to encompass four days in the SouthernPantanal where we will stay at two lodges. Here we will see the unique Giant Anteater,Tamanduas (smaller anteater), Rheas, Peccary(wild boar), the largest rodent in the world, theCapibara, monkeys, Crab Eating Fox, different species of Armadillos, Agouti, Coati, and many more animals. Birds are everywhere. You will have many sightings of the huge elegant Jabiru Stork, Toucans, Sunbitterns, Giant Rheas, Seriema, Southern Screamer, Plumbeous Ibis, Amazon and Ringed Kingfisher, Aracari, parrots of all kinds, Guans, Curassow and the highlight of the Southern Pantanal, the beautiful Hyacinth Macaw. Other Macaws we will see as well but the Hyacinth is spectacular. In addition to birds and animals, we will on occasion see reptiles.

After our time in the Southern Pantanal we will take an evening commercial airline flight to Cuiaba, a large city located in the Northern Pantanal. Here we will overnight at a hotel and begin our next seven days touring the Northern Pantanal the next morning. We will be staying at three different lodges for this part of the tour.

The Northern Pantanal is completely different from where we have been in the Southern Pantanal. Herewe will be on rivers for most of the days with excellent guides. The exciting feature of coming hereis to find the elusive Jaguar. These strikinglybeautiful wild cats are enormous and incrediblystrong. They can jump off the river’s edge into theriver below and grab a Caiman, taking it up the steepriverbank and disappearing into the thick underbrush.Often we will be fortunate and have multiplesightings of Jaguars and get some unbelievable photos. Other wildlife available to see here includethe Giant Otter, the Brazilian Tapir, monkeys, hawks,falcons, kites, Caracara, vultures, all types of Kingfishers, Hummingbirds, Woodpeckers, Jacamar,Motmot, Scarlet Headed Blackbird, parrots of many kinds, wading birds, caimain and if we are lucky theAnaconda. These are just a few of the species thatyou will have a chance to see.


Tour cost for the 2018 Pantanal tour is US$6,750 per person sharing a double room or US$7,395 per person not sharing in a single room (single supplement)

Initial deposit of US$3,000 will be due when you make a commitment to join us on this tour or no later than July 15, 2018. Final payment of the balance of the tour cost will be due August 15, 2018. The Pantanal is becoming a very busy attraction and securing space is becoming a priority. We are limiting the guest list to six people for this trip.

  • Passport or visa fees. Citizens of the USADO require a visa for entry into Brazil. Thevisa application should be made once youagree to join us on this tour.
  • Medical emergency, evacuation and tripcancellation insurance.
  • Guide tips. General rule is US$10 per day forthe Brazilian Guide. Tipping is totallydiscretionary.


  • All accommodation and meals for 10days in air conditioned lodges
  • All guided tours on land and on riverboats
  • English speaking guide
  • All park fees
  • Domestic airfare from Campo Grandeto Cuiaba
  • One night hotel overnight in Cuiaba
  • All land transportation in approvedvehicles
  • Purified water while travelling onland transfers


  • International departure airfare toCampo Grande, Brazil and return toUS from Cuiaba, Brazil.
  • Beverages at lodges not includedwith meals. Includes alcoholic, soda,juice and purified water drinks.
  • Laundry service


  • Once you commit to the Natures Tapestry PhotoAdventure Tour to the Pantanal, we willsend you a detailed daily itinerary.
  • General information such as what to bring(clothes, camera and lenses, peripheral gear, etc.)will be sent prior to departure.
  • Relatively inexpensive trip insurance coveringtrip cancellation, emergency evacuation andmedical expense should be considered. You canGoogle for companies that sell this kind ofcoverage. Look at the claims experience peoplehave had, as it is often a good gauge of thecompany.
  • Make sure you have at least 6 months of passporttime left prior to expiration. Also, you musthave at least two pages of blank VISA pages. Donot confuse VISA pages with ENDORSEMENTpages, as they are totally two different things.
  • • You will have to review your health shots to insureyou are up to date. Yellow fever vaccinationsare valid for 10 years. We also recommendMalaria medication but it is not mandatory.

Please remember that you do not need to be a professional photographer to join us on this exciting trip. Video cameras andpoint and shoot cameras or even your cell phone are fine to use.

So give me an indication of your interest in this trip please. We would love to have you join us and experience the wild and wonderful Pantanal! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

Gary and Judy Lynn Malloch
Phone: 561 756-0341
Natures Tapestry JLM , LLC

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