“I have been on four trips with Judy and Gary Malloch, twice to Costa Rica and once to Namibia (Africa) and once to the Pantanla in Brazil. Every trip was excellent. Every aspect was prearranged in detail, transportation, lodgings, meals and each day’s schedule. The groups were always small (generally less than a dozen) with a wide range of photographic skills from novices, enthusiasts, and serious amateurs. Gary and Judy are great hosts and outstanding photographers, always available with answers to every question. They really take care of everyone. Each trip was like a family affair. Namibia was a wonderful trip. We spent the entire time in Etosha, a wildlife park. We stayed at three compounds within the park and the accommodations were excellent. Each day we would leave early, as soon as the gates opened and roamed the countryside taking photos of all the wildlife, usually returning just before the gates closed for the evening. The food was superb on every trip. I repeated the trip to Costa Rica because of the variety of bird and wildlife and the many locations they took us. And then the trip to Brazil! What a great experience, a photographer’s dream. There was a wide range of exotic wildlife. I can’t decide which trip I liked best, but I can say if you want to be guaranteed shooting photos of hundred of beautiful bird and animals in their natural habitat then I would highly recommend Natures Tapestry for any of the locations. A 10 out of 10!”
– Dennis P. Burlington, Ontario

“Dear Judy and Gary,

I want to thank you both for organizing and leading your highly successful nature photo tours in Costa Rica (2015) and Namibia (2016). These were characterized by superb logistics, communication, and transportation. We stayed on schedule for both tours, but the atmosphere was relaxed and at all times I felt safe. Your suggestions for photo opportunities were especially valuable, for example finding a cheetah family in Etosha and the iconic resplendent quetzal in Costa Rica. I came away with some superb photographs, and my expanded knowledge of wildlife to boot. Your love of nature photography is contagious, making these tour unforgettable. I hope I can join you again for another tour in the near future. Best wishes to you both.”

– Keith C. Hadley, Mass

“We were fortunate to travel Costa Rica with Nature’s Tapestry Photo Adventure Tours and it was everything we expected and more. The experience of the Malloch’s and their local guide made our trip exciting and worry free. It was obvious that they had covered every detail to make our trip the best possible. The lodgings where we stayed and the restaurants where we ate were outstanding. They knew the right places to go so we could see as many exotic birds as possible and gave us every opportunity to get outstanding photographs. When an unexpected medical emergency arose, their local guide made sure we were seen by a good doctor; he also made a special effort to get our medications and made sure we had everything we needed. We can absolutely endorse Nature’s Tapestry to give you the best possible outcome for any trip your might book with them.”
– Jim and Lanette B. Texas,

“My photo trip with you to Costa Rica was simply “fantastic”. Every detail was planned and coordinated perfectly so all I had to do was take pictures. In addition, it was a tremendous learning experience for the simple reason that Judy Lynn Malloch is not only a world class wildlife photographer, but an excellent teacher who is so knowledgeable and willing to help by sharing her techniques throughout the entire trip. I am looking forward to future photo trips with you.”

– Ken L. Delray Beach, Florida

“I am fortunate to have travelled with Natures Tapestry Photo Adventure Tours on five of their trips, two to Costa Rica and one each to the Pantanal in Brazil and Namibia, Africa. Each time the tour leaders, Judy and Gary Malloch, demonstrated extreme attention to detail in all of the planning and execution of each one of their trips. The lodges we stayed in and the meals we enjoyed were all first class. I happen to have a food allergy and the Mallochs made sure that the kitchen staff was aware of my situation in each of lodges and countries I visited. The daily excursions to explore and see wildlife were exciting and different each time we went out. We were out in the field all day seeing incredible birds, animals, reptiles and insects. I saw wildlife action I only dreamed of seeing prior to travelling with Natures Tapestry to these far off places.

If you want to have a superb experience, join a tour with the Mallochs and see what a quality tour company can make in your overall experience. I came away with so many photographs that I can truly call my time on tours with Natures Tapestry Photo ‘Adventure Tours “trips of a lifetime”.”

Kevan S.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“Thank you to Judy Lynn and Gary Malloch for a wonderful Natures Tapestry Photo Adventure tour to Namibia! Gary did a great job of arranging all conditions for optimum shooting. Namibia is a very different African experience, and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. There you drive your own trucks instead of being driven by a guide or driver in a Range Rover. It was wonderful to have someone experienced with the venue that “knows the ropes” do all the planning. They also made an extraordinary effort and went way out of their way to make sure I got to take the trip, since my planned roommate cancelled at the very last second. We had a great group of people who shared this experience, most of whom will remain lifelong friends.”

Patsy H.
Bradenton, Florida

“The trip I took with the Mallochs to Namibia was my second trip to Africa. I had been a huge fan of Judy Lynn Malloch via her postings on both 500px and Facebook. Her photography was excellent and we quickly became Internet friends. I was fortunate to arrange a trip with Judy and her husband Gary. The Mallochs are two experienced photographers and tour leaders who have been planning tours and taking photographers on international trips for almost ten years with their company Natures Tapestry Photo Adventure Tours. The Mallochs are really great people to travel with. They want all who go with them, to have a special experience. They insure the atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and above all, fun at all times. They meticulously plan and execute every detail of the tour so that all you have to concentrate on is taking great images and enjoying every minute of your tour. Meals and accommodations in all of the lodges were first class.
The first part of the Namibia trip was to Etosha National Park, one of the largest wildlife parks in all of Africa. We spent six days here from morning to sundown taking pictures primarily of birds and animals. We saw huge herds of plains animals and quite a few predators as well on all days in Etosha. The different lodges we stayed at all had waterholes attached to the perimeter of the camp. Here animals came into drink day and night. Lights illuminate the waterhole at night and all kinds of animals visit to drink. Rhinos and elephants with their reflections in the water are really exciting to see.

The second part of the tour was to the beautiful desert dunes of West Central Namibia call Sossusvlei. Here we saw desert animals and the magical sand dunes that change color with the changing sun’s rays moving over the countryside. A special treat was our excursion to Dead Vlei. Here we saw trees over 900 years old standing in the pan of this beautiful place. The trees are naked and stark and provide excellent photo opportunities.

I was sorry when the tour ended but happy that I made the decision to join Natures Tapestry Photo Adventure Tours to Namibia. It was a trip I will remember all my life. I loved every minute of my trip and made friends for life with the other guests on the tour.”

Roni C.
Glen Cove, NY

“I have been on two major foreign photo tours with Natures Tapestry Photo Adventure Tours. Both trips were well organized, eventful and professional. I was impressed with the abilities and knowledge of the tour leaders, Gary and Judy Malloch.

My first trip was to Costa Rica in 2016. We were escorted in a very nice air-conditioned bus throughout the trip. In addition, we were accompanied by a native Costa Rican guide (an invaluable resource and an excellent photographer himself), a Costa Rican bus driver and about eight other photographer guests on the trip. The number of photographers included on the trip was just right to allow important and valuable interaction between them and the two tour leaders and the guide. The tour leaders, Gary and Judy Lynn Malloch were very knowledgeable about the specific locations to obtain superb photos of the wildlife and the incredible scenery. All three of the tour leaders were always available to offer advice about equipment and technique. At one point, I could not get my tripod head to accept one of my lenses, so Gary and Judy were kind enough to allow me to uses one of their tripods. I later was able to fix my tripod. Gary and Judy were exemplary in placing us at the right places and at the right times to get the best photo results. They did not just drop us off and expect us to fend for ourselves. The leaders also photographed along with all of the guests providing advice about the correct lenses to use and the changing camera settings that were best to utilize.

My second trip was to Namibia, Africa in 2017. Again, the tour was professionally organized and run. The trip was incredible. There were only six people on the trip and again that allowed for excellent interaction and guidance. The lodging in each of the camps we stayed in was excellent along with the food. The weather in Namibia was excellent at the time we were on tour, very dry and not humid. The afternoons were in the mid 70’s and most comfortable. We drove ourselves on this tour in 4-wheel drive trucks and only had two photographers in the truck, one in the front and one in the back. Ample room was available to store our entire camera gear on the seat beside us. This was great as each photographer could shoot out of each side of the truck. The tour incorporated visiting Sossusvlei, including Dead Vlei, a private cheetah reserve, the Skeleton Coast where we saw the flamingos and a monster seal rookery and the trip highlight Etosha National Park. Again the tour leaders were extremely knowledgeable about where to be and when. They provided everyone excellent photographic opportunities every day of the trip. I personally came away with about 6,500 images, which one year later, I am still sorting through.

Overall I highly recommend Natures Tapestry Photo Adventure Tours.”

Dennis Z.
Cincinnati, Ohio

“Natures Tapestry Photo Adventure Tours is a first class tour company. Gary and Judy Malloch have been leading photo tours to Costa Rica, Ecuador, Namibia Africa and the Pantanal in Brazil for almost ten years with fantastic attention to detail in every aspect of each tour. I was in one of the first groups to go with the Mallochs to Namibia and what an experience. I was not a new hand at photo tours to Africa but the minute we entered through the gates of Etosha National Park in Namibia I knew that this was going to be a very special trip for me. We encountered a lion kill just inside the main park gate, before we got to the main lodge. On the afternoon drive, I was able to see two black Rhinos. Of course I managed to get super photos of these sightings. This was just the first afternoon of the time we spent in the park. Each day was better than the last. Food and accommodations were great and I still rave about the fantastic time I had in Namibia.

I also went to Costa Rica once and twice to the Pantanal with Natures Tapestry Photo Adventure Tours. Each trip we were up and out at sunrise and only back in the afternoon at sundown. The wildlife experiences were better than I had anticipated with all of the tours I took. The time was spent with friendly people and a relaxed atmosphere. I highly recommend taking a tour with Judy and Gary. You will never regret it!

William Spruance
Former President and current Webmaster of the Broward Camera Club
Current Member of the Pines West Camera Club
Fort Lauderdale, Florida