The Incredible Little Treasures Of Costa Rica


When we think of Costa Rica we usually think of the rain forests and the lush vegetation.  The beautiful colored birds, the resplendent quetzal, and the adorable sloth.  Also Costa Rica is known for the many species of beautiful butterflies.  The Volcano in Arena; has also long been a magnet for visitors to Costa Rica, but this is not all that Costa Rica has to offer.

Deep in the fauna are little hidden treasures and their beauty is breathtaking.   The small red eyed tree frog is one of my favorites.  Their bright green color and their vibrant red eyes  are truly a sight to behold and a delight for all to see and especially beautiful to photograph!!   One must be very careful to not use flash as it can be very injurious to their eyes.   These little gems are nocturnal for the most part and to see them during daylight hours is awesome.  Besides the red eyed frogs there  are also the glass frogs.  The name originated because he actually looks like he is made of glass.and at certain angles you are able to see his internal organs.   A real treasure if you are fortunate enough to see one.

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