The Wonderful Hidden Treasures Of The Namib Desert


The Namib Desert is a coastal desert, vast in size covering an area of approximately two thousand kilometers bordering the countries of Angola, Namibia and South Africa.

Sossusvlei is located within the Namib Desert in the southern part of Namibia along the Atlantic coast.  The name Sossuslvi stands for dead marsh.  This stunning place has many large and extremely high sand dunes that are the second largest in the world after t the Badain Jaran Desert Dunes of China.  The color of the Sossusvlei dunes range from a pinkish cast to a vibrant orange which is attributed to the high concentration of iron which has oxidized over time.  Moisture to the area comes from very infrequent rainfall and fog that occasionally rolls in from the Atlantic Ocean supplying limited dew.

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