We are pleased to post the 2020 workshop schedule that Natures Tapestry Photo Adventure Tours will conduct next year. If you are interested in having more information about any of the tours summarized below please contact us and we will send you more details.

Natures Tapestry manages and leads photography tours to unique locations in Africa, Central America and South America. Our clients include first time guests as well as returning Natures Tapestry guests who have come with us on previous tours, supporting the quality and the great value they provide. Most guests are photographers, but you do not have to be one to enjoy the extensive diversity of wildlife that we see. Some of our photographer clients are very experienced while others are just beginning and learning how to grow and sustain their passion.

World-class photographer Judy Lynn Malloch and her husband Gary Malloch are partners that lead all of the Natures Tapestry Photo Adventure Tours. Both are experienced wildlife photographers and tour operators who have been conducting successful photography trips for many years.

We attempt to keep each tour size to smaller, manageable groups, so that each individual can get the attention they deserve. That however depends on the location we visit. The groups range in size from 6 to 8 people plus Judy Lynn and Gary. All of the tours are planned and priced to maximize value and exceed expectations. There is not much walking on any of the tours noted below.

2020 Tours
Here is a brief description of each tour:

COSTA RICA, The Osa Peninsula
April 16 – April 24, 2020
This tour is to the OSA Peninsula in southern Costa Rica. The pristine peninsula is located in a remote area of the country with the Pacific Ocean bordering the west coast and the Golfo Dulce (Sweet Gulf) on the east coast. National Geographic has called the OSA one of the most biological diverse locations on earth with abundant wildlife including animals, birds, insects and reptiles. A photographer’s dream! Commitment to this tour is required as early as possible to insure space.

At this point there are six spaces available.

May 22 – June 3, 2020
On this exciting tour we will visit a very expansive game park in Namibia Africa that has the largest concentration of Black Rhinos, the tallest elephants in Africa, scores of antelope and other plains animals, large and small cats and a bonus of beautiful birds and raptors plus fantastic scenery that is breathtaking. The second part of the tour is to visit Soussusvlei, the remarkable huge sand dunes of the Namib Desert that change color with the shifting sunlight turning the dunes into spectacular sights. A special treat is to visit famous Dead Vlei where one will see the 900-year-old dead trees that have been photographed and displayed in many nature magazines over the years. Desert animals also exist in this part of the country.

At this point there are only two spaces left on this tour.

August 14 – August 26, 2020
This tour is one of our favorites as the variety of beautiful and unique species of birds found in Ecuador is incredible. Arriving in Quito, we will spend two nights and one-day visiting the Indian markets and touring the old city prior to heading off on our adventure. Essentially, this is billed as a Hummingbird tour as there are over 300 species of hummingbirds found in this beautiful country. However, each day when we visit different locations to film unique species reveals the special place that Ecuador really is. It will astound you with the variety of birds you will encounter. We will visit the cloud forest areas in the high Western slope of the Andean Mountains and then head down the Eastern slope towards the Amazon Basin. Accommodation will be in four different and unique lodges over the 13-day tour.

There are six spaces available for this tour

September 18 – September 28, 2020
Discover the mysteries of the largest wetlands in the world on this adventure to see truly spectacular wildlife. The initial part of the tour will take us to the Southern Pantanal where we will have the opportunity to see the large and beautiful Hyacinth Macaws, Giant Anteaters, incredibly large storks called Jabiru, wild boars called Peccary, Capibara the largest rodents in the world plus all kinds of other birds and animals that are present in the ranches of the area. We will stay in two lodges during this part of the tour. The second part of the tour we will fly up to the Northern Pantanal where we will begin the exciting adventure to search for the Jaguar that frequents the rivers and streams of the area. We will stay in three lodges in the Northern Pantanal where we will venture out each day, generally by boat, to search for the wildlife that is found in this part of Brazil. Besides the Jaguar we will have opportunities to see the Giant River Otters, the Brazilian Tapir, monkeys, wading birds in the rivers, raptors of various species and many other forms of wildlife. The species of wildlife that exist in the Pantanal is abundant and you will be amazed at how many pictures you will take. A trip of a lifetime!

Six spaces are available on this tour but commitment to the trip needs to be made prior to December 1, 2019 in order to secure accommodation in the Pantanal lodges.

October 16 – October 24, 2020
Wonderful central Costa Rica from the Pacific to the Caribbean including the beautiful high Talamanca Mountains offers photographers a paradise to film wildlife (animals, birds, frogs, reptiles and butterflies). Colorful and numerous bird species abound in Costa Rica. But the ultimate photographers dream is to film the Resplendent Quetzal. Lodging will be in four different locations, chosen for their access and abundance of bird species. Truly a wonderful place to begin filming each day starting at dawn and not stopping until sun set. There will be photography opportunities all day for those who want to take advantage of each location on the tour.

Six spaces are available on this tour.
Please feel free to contact me by email or phone. Please don’t forget that each tour has a detailed write-up with a daily itinerary schedule that will be available to you on request.


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